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3-26-2013  Hello fellow duckaholics, I’ll be posting new photos as they roll in so send me your best Hunt and Fish stories and photos for 2013,  Stay tuned for the Schroeder’s Resort wild boar hunt earlier this March down in Texas.  LOL Keith wacked a pig on a drive by.

The Walleye trip to Detroit River was a success!  Check out the photo’s !

Next trip is the Musky trip to Cave Run Kentucky May 5th  Tom Becvar and I try to beat George LaBedz’s 51 in record.

Schroeder’s Resort report for 4-15-13  Lake Poygan  still has ice but the Wolf  river is mostly clear.  This weekend in New London is the Biggest  Walleye tournament and they expect it to be on Fire.

Cave Run was slow.  Tom caught the only Musky 42in, in two days of Musky Hunting.  Cold weather and lots of rain being blamed for the lack of action.

Schroeders Resort/Wolf River update: Walleyes are in the lakes taking crawlers and minnows on a jig.  White Bass are crazy and this week will start another explosion when the sun comes out on the Wolf River.  Be there or miss the annual Striper Slam!

Lake St. Clair Musky trip 7-8&9-2013 was a huge success!  44 muskys caught in two days.  We only took photos of the 40 plus fish there were just too many fish to photo all of them.  George LaBedz still remains the reigning champion Musky fisherman with his 51.6 in musky from last year.  This year he beat us with a 50 and a 48.

Next trip back to St. Clair to cast for our 50 in fish in August.

Early Goose is just around the corner!  Sept. 1st we’ll be hunting Canadas in Freemont WI.  This year Schroeder’s resort has a new set up with the latest and greatest decoys that money can buy.  Also some newly negotiated  hunting land near the river.   No sight of Geese have been reported from our friends in Kewanee WI where we hunted in years past.  They just vanished and no one knows why.

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